Home Business Options: Are You Tired of Trading Time for Money?

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A Short 'Post-it Note' from Wayne (me)

Perhaps, by sheer luck, you ran into my home business page. You will have some ‘aha’ moments if you read and listen carefully. Of course, to make a proper evaluation here, it’s impossible to do without getting ALL the information. ‘A wise person investigates what a fool takes for granted.’ So I suggest getting all the facts before risking making the wrong decision based on not getting the following crucial information on this page, first.

For those who would demand to know right away, “How much money do I get?”, please exit this page now. You just disqualified yourself. We’re not looking for “GET FIRST” people. You’d never ask that question, first, on a job interview, would you? The employer would look at you as a greedy shmuck, only wanting to get by with the minimum effort. Not the type of person that good leaders look for, right? Can you blame them?


I still choose my team. We both decide if there is a good fit, and part ways as friends if it’s not for either one of us. We’ll be working together as a team. I want to enjoy my company while I’m helping you. I’m sure you do, too! If you want to be a lonely bird, this isn’t for you. As with ANY real business (which this one IS), “Everybody Wins as a TEAM.” If that’s your philosophy, too, GREAT! We’ll likely get along just fine! Continue …

Home Business and Learning


Are You Career Frustrated? Is there a viable home business? Watch this short video:


Money and Leveraged Income

Next, let’s find out exactly what this multi-millionaire did to achieve his wealth and WHY what he says is crucial for you to know for your success …

Out of all the education on this page, the following document may be the most important info for you to understand this home business.

(It’s crucial you do not skip this, by assuming you “already know.” 90% of the population do NOT know this knowledge. It’s a very short, pain-free and entertaining 10-minute read. I promise it’s worth your time and worth knowing. If you “get it”, you’ll likely have an “aha” epiphany that could forever change your life for the good.



Congratulations on finishing! Aren’t you glad you did now? You likely have a bit of a different perspective on money, and see there is a realistic path for most of us.

Unfortunately, the hasty will have likely skimmed or skipped this booklet and video. They’ll have missed out on what they don’t know that they don’t know. Everything here has been placed in a logical order of sequence for a reason, to make your home business evaluation process easier. The impatient skippers and skimmers, right now, are probably frantically jumping around all over this page hunting for the “meat” (secret fufu dust), missing out on the crucial info that could drastically affect their lives.

I’m glad that’s not you! You understand the importance of careful evaluation. That’s who I seek, the patient learner. I’m not seeking out impatient people. They usually fail at whatever they do because they’re in too much of a hurry to learn and try to short-cut everything.


Master Business Coach Brad Sugar, owner of the largest business consulting franchise in the world, explains what ALL entrepreneurs must do to have a successful business that can generate endless cash flow, WITHOUT you personally being there.

Note: Watch the following 10-minute video clip of entrepreneurship training, which reveals specialized knowledge crucial to your success. It’s required watching to be selected on our team. If you ignore it, we know that you’re not likely a good fit for our teams and this opportunity.

We’ve found that people who will stay blind, and are not interested in learning, and are just hustling for the fast buck (no such honest thing) make lousy entrepreneurs and team players. Entrepreneurship is not meant for 70% of the population. We’re only interested in the 30% who want to learn what it takes to succeed in business, and are willing to do what it takes, honorably.

My commitment to your success requires considerable work for me to help you get grooved into owning a high cash-flow business … a business you can eventually let run on its own without you, so you and your family can live an abundant lifestyle with time freedom … OR … you can sell it for a HUGE profit.

I don’t have time to work with dabblers who have low goals and expectations of themselves. We’re talking about wealth creation. This is a 2 to 5-year plan, depending on how much time you can devote to learning and be building your business with our proven and predictable systems.

(We have already implemented the SYSTEMS for you, as recommended in E-Myth Revisited, as Brad Sugar suggested)


The clear VISION, ACTION PLAN, and the crucial SYSTEMS are all in place for you. Now, I’m looking to select the RIGHT 3 to 5 people to run with for 2018, who align with me and our team’s vision for everybody’s success.

After having gone through the above crucial short booklet and 2 short videos, first …  perhaps, the next most important 8 1/2 minutes of your life, in this evaluation sequence, is watching the following two short videos about an exclusive opportunity – not found anywhere else on planet Earth …


Sound good, so far? You may be asking now, “What are the products?

Good question. Up to now, perhaps, you thought I was trying to avoid this crucial part of this business. Not at all! I’m proud of these products! However, I want to present this home business opportunity to you in the best logical order.

Actually, our REAL product is PEOPLE … having abundant lives in all areas of their lives … health, wealth, family, personal development, and FUN! Isn’t that what truly matters?

The product VEHICLE we use to generate sales, to accomplish this journey, are in-demand repeat consumables, products people order month after month … of which they become loyally attached to … products they can’t live without!

Isn’t THAT how you build a solid and lasting business to make a lot of money? AND you do a lot of good along the way to help end human suffering.

You can find out more about the product lines here

Note: This page you’re reading, and the following page you’re about to see, are just two of the exclusive ready-made custom pages you get access to (when you join my exclusive team), which helps you market your new home business. After you check it out, come back to this page to finish your tour and due diligence.



(Opens in new tab)



NEXT, listen to the following short interview with success celebrity, Robert Kiyosaki. He explains WHY this is the “perfect business” (for most people, except for sad cynics and the already rich).

If you’re a Skeptic, you need to watch this video. I LOVE skeptics! I’m a skeptic myself. Skeptics make some of the most dedicated partners. Honest skeptics are sincerely open to LISTENING and doing a complete evaluation before they decide. So I very much appreciate that analytical quality about you.

To any Cynics still reading:

(This message is this blue box is NOT for the skeptics (like myself). So if you’re a skeptic, you can go ahead and skip this text, and scroll past this blue box, and start reading right after that. )

Special Message: If you define yourself as a Cynic, this message may cause cognitive dissonance. However, I hope the diagram will be revelationary to explain how you became cynical. 

You must realize that I already know this home business is likely NOT for you. You probably aren’t for me and my teams, either.

IF you’re a negative cynic … then I apologize. I’m likely unable to help your financial situation. Why? Let’s look at what happened to you. I feel sad you fell down this slippery slope …


The problem with the cynical mind is that it’s usually already made up with bitter attitudes, preconceived notions, and negative mindsets.

Perhaps, because somebody lied to the cynic (or were very misinformed) about this industry, or maybe because of another company they heard about, or somebody they knew who “failed.”

Most likely, the cynic failed and never got back up.

But, we’re NOT those people or that company the cynic is cynical about. So it’s illogical and naive to think, “every person or company is the same.”

Mr. or Mrs./Miss Cynic, did you take the time to read “Money and Leveraged Income” (above)? Did you finish the videos, above?

I’m betting you didn’t read what’s in bold, above. Unfortunately, this is typical of hasty and all-knowing cynics. The next fall for cynics (not shown) is narcissism. Our teams cannot take the risk of having depressing cynics or narcissists rotting the attitude of our teams.

If you’re a cynic, and you stop doing a complete evaluation of the home business now, then be aware you obviously didn’t do adequate due diligence with this … which is GETTING ALL THE RIGHT INFORMATION, first … so you can make an informed, and intelligent decision.

Here’s some advice for cynics by Earl Nightingale. “Nobody knows enough to be negative or cynical.” Take that quote to the bank.

There IS still a little hope for you to get out of your spiral, IF you’re willing to learn and will take our 50-point Personal Effectiveness Profile assessment. Are you willing? Virtually all cynics and narcissists are not willing, though. They already know everything there is to know. :P


Pardon, but I had to address the above to the Cynics first, and try to get rid of them. None of us are obligated to appeal to or allow negative cynics onto our teams.

Cynics souls are too full of “stinkin’ thinkin'” to be helped. (As the author, Dr. Schwartz, would say in his, “The Magic of Thinking BIG” book.) They are too far down the spiral and typically need professional help. These wrong types of people spoil the crucial enthusiasm needed to have a happy and prospering team.

Hopefully, whoever is still left reading this, are the good gals and guys with a positive mindset, or one who wants to learn how to create one. That’s YOU! So, Welcome here! :)

Anybody with a reasonable mind, who fully looks, will discover there is NO downside to the home business I’m about to present to you. There’s only big UPSIDE potential, as you’ll soon see. The company makes their opportunity risk-free, even.

So it’s incomprehensible, and even sad to me, why anybody would ever want to chance doing themselves, and those they love, a disservice by not making sure they get the whole story, if there was a chance that a good home-based business presented itself.

A good opportunity, for the average person with above average ambition, is presenting itself, right now. You’ll see.

I’m looking for the “average” person, with above average ambition, who has an open mind,  enjoys learning (learning agility) and is looking for a legitimate and ethical opportunity they can be proud to “sink their teeth” into.

Clearly, people are already having extraordinary success (… ie: making $468,980.05 * a year average as a “5 Star Crown”). That’s proven. Nobody can deny. And it’s not because of special privileges, magic or luck. (The full compensation plan, you’ll learn about later, explains the high/average/low for each achieved “position”. )

As soon as you finish watching the video (below), and you have some questions at this point, feel free to call me back. Otherwise, continue on. I realize this is a lot of information to digest. However, it’s crucial to know before you can make a smart decision.


Call (541) 234-4014. My full name is Wayne Gerald.

I also have some other crucial information that you’ll likely want to know, first, before you finish your home business evaluation, here. This quick call will take us just 5 minutes or so. (It won’t be a pitch. I don’t pitch! It’s a bad practice in our industry. Nobody likes it! I know. I don’t either!)


Go ahead and watch this video, now …



Important Note:


If you qualify, I’ll show you how to get $775+ in FREE working capital to start your own home business, part-time. If you have a spouse, double that to $1,550+. (Get back with me about this. You don’t have to pay this back.)

You’ll learn step-by-step, for FREE, exactly HOW to succeed with our team’s proven and exclusive online training, with full implementation of Dale Calvert’s Systems. Implementation is the key, here. You get full access to our specific offline and online SYSTEMS and detailed step-by-step training to help you build a BIG business.

Do you want to get into Quadrant 3 AND 4 (Business Owner and Investor)? You’ll be shown HOW. If you’re teachable (with a strong work ethic), you can enjoy “walk-away” income, and even create generational wealth for you and your family.

Compensation Plan Video

NEXT, watch this video, which briefly explains how you get paid. (You get paid weekly and monthly.) If you have any questions about the compensation plan, I have a detailed pdf explanation that completely explains this home business in full. However, it will make much more sense if we go over this pdf together on the phone.

My number again is: (541) 234-4014


If after your proper evaluation that you (for any reason) conclude that this business isn’t for you, I’ll give you a source to get $200 of the working capital for free in any case … to honor your focused time you invested to fully investigate. $200 cash should cover your time just to fully evaluate, right?


I realize I’ve “harped” on doing a FULL EVALUATION of this home business several times. I wouldn’t need to if the majority would do their due diligence. Unfortunately, the majority won’t, usually because they’ve never been an entrepreneur, before. I’m not desperate or “needy” that somebody joins with me. I already have plenty of people who can use my assistance. However, I’m always looking for good people, as any smart and growing business does. All I ask is, “Just get ALL the facts, first”, before moving forward against or for it. (provided you qualify).


You’ve finished the compensation plan video, above. Great! You’re almost done with your evaluation! 

Again, at any point you have any questions, feel free to call me.  Call me (Wayne) at (541) 234-4014. (I’ll get your questions answered. No pressure. Again, it would be silly of me to try to convince you to do a home-based business that’s not a right fit for you.)

If you’re reading this, and it’s past 10 PM (PT), but you can’t wait to join with me … (we can catch up later, so I can show you the first step to move forward in your new business.) … my ‘Referral Code’ is … 



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Let’s say for example, you give away an average of just THREE $50 Gift Cards a day, for a year. That’s a whopping $54,750 worth of $50 Gift Cards you gave to people! If all the Gift Cards were redeemed, you gave out $54,750 in free products that year! Do you think you might acquire “just a few” repeat-buying loyal Customers from that? Absolutely … especially when Purium gives them a 25% Retail Discount every month for being a loyal Customer. (There are NO memberships (like Costco) for your customer to buy to get that 25% discount.)


There is no limit to the amount of $50 Gift Cards for the year you can give away, whether they are electronic Gift Card codes or physical cards. What if you could double that to SIX $50 Gift Cards a day? That’s $109,500 in marketing value you got, along with a lot of love from people who appreciated your $50 gift! 


You’re granted the right to give away as many $50 Gift Cards as you can with the Launch Pack. Purium has learned, through 3 solid years of testing in the marketplace, that giving away free products as a GIFT is one of the best ways (if not THE best way) for their Brand Partners (us) to acquire loyal Retail Customers. It’s EXPENSIVE for Purium to do this for us, but they make up for it in loyal repeat Customer acquisition. In addition, you get a complete, personal social-media platform for one year, called the “DREAMS SYSTEM”, worth $180 a year.


You’ll discover that nothing else exists or even compares to Purium’s exclusive $50 Gift Card Marketing System. This powerful system, alone, makes building a very large and legitimate Retail Customer base for your home business truly plausible, and much easier to build, than without such an “unfair” competitive advantage.


Your Retail Customers order through the well-known and established Amazon-like SHOPIFY shopping cart. Your new retail-customer based Super Store is already made for you! Your new online store is specifically DESIGNED FOR retail buyers, to be user-friendly, so your customers can easily can breeze through the shopping cart with their mobile phone, tablet, or desktop/laptop, and have a great shopping experience! THAT is how you KEEP long-time loyal customers. Purium knows, RETENTION is key.


Your Customer Shopping Cart is free, forever, for you to use this selling platform, without any monthly service costs. You don’t have to deal with any merchant account setup fees, or pay 2.9% credit card fees for the total sale. You don’t have any product stocking or shipping tasks to ever worry about. Besides the strong benefit that Purium IS the manufacturer of their products (keeping quality control up, and prices DOWN), Purium has two giant shipping warehouse locations on the West and East Coast, for fast shipping to your customers. Purium handles all that expensive, time-sucking, and boring labor and admin for you, and bares ALL its cost.


You can make hefty (and livable) WEEKLY commissions from your online store’s customers and their re-orders. You “own” your acquired customers FOR LIFE. (It’s NOT a one-time affiliate commission on your Customers like typical small affiliate programs.) That means YOU always get the commissions from that same customer, forever.


Another solid income stream is by building teams, like real estate brokers get the right to do. You get paid generously for developing and leveraging a sizable team, who does the same, if you wish. That’s where the “insane” giant checks/direct deposits can come into play. Depending on how hard you learn and work, you can write your ticket to generational wealth. Your business is a salable cash-flow asset, that can also be WILLED to the next generation.


(IMPORTANT NOTE: The Retail Customer’s path and shopping experience, and the Brand Partner’s (us) path are kept 100% totally separate …  an unheard of FIRST for our industry. That means your customers don’t get the opportunity pushed on them at the shopping site. That’s just unclassy, and is what has dirtied up our industry in the past. Your Customers will get a normal retail shopping experience, just like they’d expect from Amazon. Pointing your friends and family there won’t be weird or ever feel weird. They’ll see that you have a REAL business, and respect you.)


We show you how to duplicate success with our team’s unique 5 core systems, just like what real-estate brokers do with their agents. You get our team’s unique training content, completely free … along with our 61 ready-made lead pages, which are worth at least $5,000 to you, conservatively. Our exclusive team even uses beacon technology to nearby cellphones to gather free leads and Customers!

(When you call me back, rest at ease … I will NOT try to sell you anything, ask for your money, or try to “close” you! Our home business is NOT about “closing people into the business.” That would be stupid of me, because people have to WANT this for themselves from within, and can’t be and should never be pushed into it. People who have to be “pushed” nearly always fail. We already know this!

Our proprietary info regarding the source for the entire $775+ for single people ($1,550+ for couples) of free working capital is reserved for those who join our exclusive team. That more than pays for your Launch Pack. 150% more, even. So you have money left over to advertise. (300% more if you’re a couple.) You won’t find or get this free capital source and our proprietary training and systems anywhere else in our industry. So if you want this, so you can effectively get your $50,000 marketing budget from the Launch pack, for free, then you need to join with me and our exclusive marketing team to get it.



Questions? Call Wayne … (541) 234-4014

(You must really want this for YOURSELF. So, I’m not here to pressure you in any way. Again, we don’t even want anybody that we would have to “sell” this idea to. Nobody wants to “twist your arm”, as we know we’d have to continue twisting your arm in the business. This is a volunteer home business, with no boss! We know you’re trying to get away from a boss, right? 37% start their own business because they’re dissatisfied with Corporate America and bosses!)

Grab your phone, and I’ll answer any last minute questions you may have. If you’re ready to move forward, I’ll walk you through the next steps.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN WITH ME after chatting or talking with me, first …

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Join Purium

Then call me back. Or you can call me, first, and I can answer any questions you may have, and walk you through the easy process of joining.

P.S. You can start for $49. But … that just gives you five $50 gift cards. Frankly, you won’t get very far with that. This option is for those who are dead broke or to get their toe wet. The best value is an investment of only $499 for the Launch Pack. You get unlimited $50 Gift Cards to give away to everybody for an entire year. So you get a viable way to launch properly. You also get a marketing and management system worth $180.

Those who get the Launch Pack also get access to our team’s exclusive 61 lead pages, our secret marketing system, over 1/2 dozen sales pages written by a professional copywriter, several sets of prewritten autoresponders, and a CRM (Contact Relationship Management), along with our A – Z Training of all our systems.

When you work with me, I’ll “hold your hand” every step of the way, and show you all the ins and outs of this home business. Our training starts from beginner to advanced, where (depending on your ambition and your learning of the skills we teach) you’ll be building a high 6 or even 7-figure a year passive income in 2 to 5 years.





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