Is there a Better Way other than Trading Time for Money?

NOTE: Of course, to make a proper business evaluation, it’s impossible without getting ALL the information, right? ‘A wise person investigates what a fool takes for granted.’ So we suggest getting all the facts before risking making the wrong decision based on not knowing the following crucial information in these short videos.


Money and Leveraged Income

First, let’s find out exactly what this multi-millionaire did to achieve his wealth and WHY what he says is crucial for you to know for success …

Out of all the education on this page, the following document is the most important info for you to understand!

(It’s crucial you do not skip reading this, by assuming you “already know.” 90% of the population do NOT know this knowledge. It’s a very short read. I promise it’s worth knowing, and you’ll get an “aha” epiphany. We’ve presented this info on this page in educational sequence to make understanding, easy. (The next part is built on the previous part.) So if you skip this, or jump around impatiently on this page, viewing this info out of sequence, you won’t “get it” and will do yourself a disservice. Please don’t skim or skip. What we don’t get, we likely won’t do, right? The understanding (or misunderstanding) of this information can make the difference between you having a life of mediocrity or an eventual thriving and abundant life! )


After reading the crucial info above first

(You already read it and didn’t impatiently skip to here, right? It’s just 10 minutes. If so, please scroll up and read it first before continuing. You’ll be glad you did!)

…  perhaps, the next most important 8 1/2 minutes of your life is watching the following two short videos about an exclusive opportunity – not found anywhere else on planet Earth …



NEXT, listen to the following short interview with success celebrity, Robert Kiyosaki. He explains WHY this is the “perfect business” (for most people).

If you’re skeptical, you especially need to watch this. We LOVE skeptics! Honest skeptics are sincerely open to LISTENING and doing a complete evaluation before they decide. So we very much appreciate that quality about you.

But, IF you’re a negative cynic … then sorry, we’re not likely able to help your financial situation. The cynical mind is usually made up with preconceived notions. Perhaps, because somebody lied to the cynic (or were very misinformed) about this industry, or maybe because of another company they heard about, or somebody they knew who “failed.” But, we’re NOT them! So it’s illogical and naive to think, “everything is the same.”

Did you take the time to read “Money and Leveraged Income” (above)? Did you finish the video, below? I’m betting you didn’t, IF you’re a cynic. This is typical of hasty cynics.

If you’re a cynic, and you stop doing a complete evaluation of the business now, then be aware you obviously didn’t do adequate due diligence with this … which is GETTING ALL THE RIGHT INFORMATION, first, so you can make an informed, intelligent decision. 

Otherwise, everybody who has looked, knows there’s NO downside here … and only big upside potential. It’s risk free, even. Do you want to chance doing yourself and those you love a disservice by not making sure you got the whole story? Nobody else is at fault for your future if you’re too blind (or arrogant) to look.

We absolutely do not want pessimists, lazy get-rich-quick types, or arrogant cynics to be on our teams. (Again, we love logical skeptics.) We’re looking for average people with above average ambition, with an open mind who enjoys learning (learning agility), and are looking for a legitimate and ethical opportunity they can be proud to sink their teeth into.

Going by insurance statistics, there are only about 30% of the population we’re looking for. The other 70% will lead mediocre lives, and usually die broke, leaving no legacy behind them for their progeny.

So if one jumps to conclusions too quickly, by failing to properly evaluate and get the right information (as late Jim Rohn pleads), it could lead to the loss of a potentially abundant life, and a legacy of wealth and wisdom. That would be tragic and sad to miss out on, all because one didn’t fully and properly evaluate this opportunity.) 

People are already having extraordinary success (… ie: making $468,980.05 * a year average as a “5 Star Crown”). The full compensation plan, you’ll learn about later, explains the high/average/low for each achieved “position”. )

As soon as you finish watching this video, below, call me right back … so you can find out how much you get paid. I imagine, in your business evaluation, that knowing how you get paid is fairly high up on your list of things to know, right? :)

I also need to tell you some other crucial information, first, before you continue on in your business evaluation … which explains the rest of the crucial details you need to know. Go ahead and watch this video, now …




Important Note:


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Once you finish these short videos above, reach back to me NEXT (for 5 minutes). After you get the info from me about how much money you can make, and how you get paid, then you can go through the rest of the information on the following pages (linked below), and fully understand the whole story so you get a complete picture of this big business opportunity.

If after your proper evaluation that you (for any reason) conclude that this business isn’t for you, I’ll give you a source to get $200 of the working capital for free in any case … to honor your focused time you invested to fully investigate. $200 cash should cover your time just to fully evaluate, right?

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(When you call me back, rest at ease … I will NOT try to sell you anything, ask for your money, or try to “close” you! Our business is NOT about “closing people into the business.” That would be stupid of me, because people have to WANT this for themselves from within, and can’t be pushed into it. This isn’t something to be “sold.” People who have to be “pushed” nearly always fail. We already know this! So we won’t waste theirs or our own time trying to “sell” this opportunity.)

Our proprietary info regarding the source for the entire $775+ for single people ($1,550+ for couples) of free working capital is reserved for those who join our exclusive team. You won’t find or get this free capital source and our proprietary training and systems anywhere else. So if you want this, then you need to join with me and my team.



Get back with me, first, before you continue on. You want to know how much you get paid, right? Or else you couldn’t possibly be serious about this. You should already have my phone number and/or email, and PM.

So contact me right now.

(You must really want this for YOURSELF. So, I’m not here to pressure you in any way. Again, we don’t even want anybody that we would have to “sell” this idea to. Nobody wants to “twist your arm”, as we know we’d have to continue twisting your arm in the business. This is a volunteer business, with no boss! We know you’re trying to get away from a boss, right? 37% start their own business because they’re dissatisfied with Corporate America and bosses!)

Again, grab your phone, and let’s continue our business conversation to the next step in your complete evaluation.

(Just a quick 5 minutes. No pitch!)


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