3D Fiber Lashes - No More False Eyelashes And Crazy Glue

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Renya Gives Her Testimonial …



Once Upon a Time, there were 3 Beautiful Girls


Anita had beautiful lashes, but she wanted MORE



Amber does her lashes with Lashes



Backstage Raw Footage with the Girls



Four crazy guys attempt Lashes!


Do you spend hours each day with your wand in hand coating and primping your eyes? Stop the madness and follow along as we take your lashes past the legal limit!

Lashes 3D Fiber Mascara will instantly add even more volume to your lashes, enhancing the natural beauty of your eyes, while making them look remarkable!

Lashes is an easy-to-use combination of one primer and sealer applicator, and one 3D fiber applicator which creates an immediate impact to the fullness, length and curls of eyelashes.

Lashes by TLC

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